Short Description/Presentation of Services

Software Development

Many kinds of software development cann be done. Web based programs, system programs, api services etc.. List as follow:

  1. Linux Softwares
  2. python Softwares
  3. System Softwares
  4. Api Development
  5. Vehicle Tracking
  6. webcrawl
  7. twitter crawl
  8. web site
  9. web app
  10. Android (mobile phone) Softwares:
    1. Task manager
    2. Child/Vehicle Tracking
    3. Order Tracking Software (System + android mobile app)
    4. Location based Entity Search (ex: find nearby friends, goods)

System maintenance/Troubleshooting/Monitoring/ Optimization/Security

System maintenance

The maintenance of an existing system is a crutial part of IT operations. We can help you in these tasks.


Troubleshooting in case of various problems, we track down the problem and solve it.


All kind of monitoring, including systems monitoring is also very important and a part of IT operations.


Any issues arrising from optimization related problems may make your IT operations troublesome. you may have slowness or other problems in your IT systems when not properly optimized. We help you find, identify and solve your Optimization issues.


Security scanning, control and hardening is also a part of Systems maintenance and IT operations. We can help you basicly about security of your IT systems.