Api is modern way of communicating and coordinating different parts of an IT system. With a well established Api, an IT system would communicate with lots of different IT subsystems, softwares, structures.

For example, a central “asset database” can be used across many online stores, ERP systems, CRM etc. We are developing modern Api softwares to be able to coordinate the aspects of your IT infrastructure that you desire

An online store may have database, which is accessed by both web applications, mobile phones or internal ERP/CRM systems. You can even integrate such DB with external other companies or IT systems.

Running real example:
In center of our GPS Vehicle/child tracking system, works a central API, which coordinates all GPS tracking operations. Website, mobile Apps and gps trackers in vehicles are communicating with GPS Api to build up live GPS tracking solution.

A similar Api runs also in our “E-Commerce Platform” to coordinate all aspects of successful Shopping System experience.